thank you, Thank you to all the people to post how to get through the automated system with the prompts without listening the whole recording, It was driving me crazy. I proceeded to enter 1-5-1-1-0 suggestion and it worked. :), Free Report eBook: Beginner DSLR Photography, Please Confirm Your Email Address to Complete Your Subscription and Get Your Free eBook. So after 3 days of no call back. skidmark has a hand in.. what a joke a of a system.. pathetic at best..been waiting for a rep for an hour. One says "Thank you for calling . I was on hold for most of the time, but it was worth it because my payments went through after waiting for two weeks. I was called back the same day, however, the rep could not help with my particular issue, it did have to be addressed by the main office. I missed the call and the lady left me a message telling me the exact time/day of when her next call to me would be and that the number would show up blocked. Thank You!!!!!!! Just got in… they won’t help regular claims only SDI claims ..trying other numbers, Call the 833 number. I called the alternate number posted and got a hold of a live person in seconds and was able to obtain my EDD customer account number in seconds. I just got off the phone with a customer representative! I immediately tried calling the Orange County Line (714-687-4400) and asked to speak to someone about my claim. It took me about 15 tries but I got through and got the form I needed after previously trying 10 times and waiting through 7-10 minutes of prompts. My entire call was 22 minutes and I got through in first time. Called at 1:30 pm and got transferred to the person who was supposed to call me, they were all very helpful and friendly. Kept getting that darn Max number of people! In return, none of the fax numbers I have seen worked. Only a 6 minute hold time. I have been trying for one week and I used the (800) 480-3287 and pressed 1-3-1-6-2-0 as soon as it stated “Thank you for…” It took me 6 tries but it worked!! They scheduled a call back for between 2-3 days which I will be anxiously waiting for. Alex multiple number today to contact EDD. I got right through on this number but she keeps pushing me back to 800 number Employment Development Department. Keep trying guys! The next best way to talk to their customer support team, according to other California Employment Development Department (EDD) customers, is by calling their 619-525-4995 phone number for their Customer Service department. Combination 2: 1-3-0 Here is a list of all the ones I could find. I don’t even know if there’s any another way to get around this. Now, for my situation the people who picked up were not able to help me so they had to request a callback for me, I had to call many times to keep putting in requests before I actually got a callback the next day. If you call the Vietnamese number, and press 1357, then your SSN, you can get right thru. It is a very helpful resource. The EDD’s problems stem from an unprecedented surge in unemployment claims — the state’s unemployment rate shot from a record low 3.9% in … Save Time and Register Online. 1-6-7-1 worked for me, I was amazed how fast I got someone on the phone.Thanks, the same thing happened to me. I get a notice from EDD of Identity Verification and in return I sent my documents. She was surprised when I asked her if she spoke English because she asked why I was calling the Vietnamese number. If you want to get through to SDI call 1-800-480-3287 options 1 2 3 0 – it got me to the point where I would have talked to someone at least, but then said there were too many people on the line and dumped me off, Been trying to get through for days now , really need some help. He pretty much carried out the phone interview right then. After a month of no luck, I found the info here and used the 530 area code alternate number above — reaching the nicest rep live. Wow thank you so much. The Sacramento office worked for me! This could have been handled much better. Instead I get the following error: Your information does not match the records in our system. dial 1-2-3-0 to speak to a representative. Just like the guy above said … ” After you dial the Vietnamese number dial 1-3-5-7 then zero. The lady I spoke with gave me a working fax to avoid mailing. However, if she can’t answer your question she has the ability to forward it to the “Escalation Unit” and have a “Claims Adjuster” call you within 3 days. Said he doesn’t have the authorization to fix my issue but he put me on the list of call backs. 213-477-1404 Thank You! You must have filed an Unemployment Insurance claim before registering for a UI Online account. Tell them you want somebody from the ID department to call you back. It took the lady 5 min to fix the mistake they made on my claim. Good luck everyone. This is the only number that worked for me. No transfers necessary! Pressing 1 for English and then 3210 totally works! GUYS THE vietnamese LINE WORKS!!!!! Call 833-978-2511 "), in which case, follow the person's preference. Nice to get someone to explain it to me and now I don’t expect any extra money. Disappointing because she was the first person I was able to get a hold of all week. It doesn’t know its a$$ from a whole in the ground! Gavin Newsom's Office: 10th Street, Suite 1173Sacramento, CA 95814(916) 445-2841, This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Be consistent!! Advertisement. He said: “ok don’t hang up”. Sorry to hear it, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. I did this and the Vietnamese man was very helpful. 714-687-4400 (Orange County) She was really helpful and got my application started. called my state senator mike McGuire office his assistant was very helpful and told me they will contact edd in my behalf they said that their poffice has been having a lot of requests for help and it is working but takes 1-2 weeks for them to get a reply but assured me they fix the issues. 213-477-1407, 310-330-5905 wait 3 days, then call back and put in new request…finally ANSWER your phone when they call, they usually call with no caller id so take off any blocks you have on your phone for no caller id’s…they may have called you but your phone sent them to voice mail…anyways I hope this info helps, Good luck! Just like everything else gov. I go to the EDD website and I can’t even submit a claim form tells me to call them phone numbers. Use e-Services for Business to register for your employer payroll tax account number. It will keep ringing keep pressing 0 every time sometimes it will hang up on you keep calling. It’s a chore but you might as well give it a shot. A woman’s voice comes up. Hours: 8am to 12pm Pacific Time. Yes it’s true!! OMG Finally I called 800-300-5616 and used 1-5-1-1-0 and ONE MINUTE later I was speaking to a real person. This has to be fixed. If it asks for your social security number and pin, type it in. Your email address will not be published. CLICK. 15110 worked for me too. I have been on unemployment for a few months because I am very pregnant and I haven't been able to find work. It rang and I got through right away at 8:45am. I would start calling every number above until you get through to a human. Thanks!! This website is very useful! Try again tomorrow. Good note. How can I get through to LIVE PERSON at EDD?? 916-654-0453 (Sacramento Disability Office) How to Get Through to EDD California by Phone, Tips and Tricks For Getting a Real, Live Person, Welcome my friend, Helper Cat says you need to register for that! The 310-330-5905 number was given to me by someone on the 833-978-2511 number after I got through to them yesterday. Thanks again. 916-654-9140 for Sacramento gets you right through ! 310-330-5905 is the number to the Inglewood office. thanks. Amazing job everyone! I too could not get through to EDD.CA I log onto the California Governor page (Jerry Brown) and sent an email tell them the situation and they need to investigate EDD.CA’s handling of customers. She asked for my social put me on hold and fixed my issue with my claim and was immediately paid. I dialed the number (415) 315-7200 after more than 200 hundred tries and a few hours. Worked! Hit 1, then hit 1 again. Thanks Much! Thank you for publishing this. Does anyone have a FAX number for EDD SDI ? After remaining on hold for the operator…perhaps 10 minutes tops. I called the Appeals office and they checked to see if maybe my case went to Appeals no such luck but it was after 12:00 lunch time and she took my call I thanked her and told her thank you and have a nice day. I am now on hold for more than 5 minutes for assistance with the online employer registration. I’m waiting in a callback from the main edd line and it’s been 2 days with no callback so far…. I heard the music at 9:45 AM and at 10:24 AM the call was finally answered. None of these number combos worked for me! I finally got through but they told me the same thing that someone would call me back. The combinations you choose need to make sense for your specific call. 4/7/20 The 1800 number isn’t working and I call as 8 am on the dot and it already says maximum callers and hangs up. After that it’s the same process, either you put on hold and wait for the representative, or they tell you that numbers of callers has been reach, try later. my hands are shaking right now im finally good to go. I got through with the 415# at 8:08am. THIS IS CRAZY!!!! good luck everyone. Click here for California EDD contact information. When you dial, you'll hear one of two messages. So I guess they fixed the mistake but they did not call us back. Thank you! i’m in the same boat as you….I’ve have been on hold now with this department for an hour and a half. Ok 408 # worked for me 7/15/2020 I called around 2pm. 213-477-1405 Call your state rep. Keep calling. Do I just keep pressing 0 to continue waiting? Turns out my employer still hasn’t responded to the interviewer trying to contact them & that the interviewer has 10 days to submit an answer either way. As of today (July 2) the numbers that worked for you (415) 351-7400 plus xxx-7401, 7402 are all now providing a “this number is disconnected or no longer in service” message. ‍♀️ Thank you for posting this useful info. I don’t know if I get to people faster but I don’t have to listen to excessive instructions. Finally on hold after calling and entering 1673 over 300 times today, I kept getting the ring around does anyone know what else can be done this place is useless. I tried all the key press combinations mentioned above but only 1-6-7-*-7-2-SSN-1 worked and I was disconnected by too many people waiting over and over again. Thanks again….I too called so many times…but today I took another route leading me to this valuable site. But she was nice enough to ask me if I had any questions about my UI claim, which I didn’t. 8.4.20 today I called 1(415)351-7202 and finally got through to a person! And only open from 8am to 12? thank you!!!!! Be a pest. I can, at least, get to the part where they tell you “maximum callers reached” really quickly by dialing 1, 2, 3, 0. This post got me through to a real live person! Good luck! Thank u so very much for this number. PRESS 1 The system was closing at noon before our current Gov. 1-6-7-1 worked for me ! What a blessing! I was only calling to get transferred to tech support about logging in to the UI online website. I got a callback and missed the call so now here I am on hold again… so now I will have my phone with me at ALL times so that when they call back I can actually be helped. this is not first time I am calling. I made my way through the Vietnamese Prompts but the person hung up on me as soon as I start talking. If YOU HEAR “WELCOME” PRESS #, DO NOT ENTER ANY NUMBERS JUST IMMEDIATELY PRESS # AFTER HEARING WELCOME. also being nice to the person that answers helps lot too. I reached a gracious woman who asked for my SSI and saw I was out of money. 15110 worked for me. Still grateful to get somewhere with it. Don’t know if you get to people faster, but at least you don’t get kicked off for an invalid entry. That can resolve the issue. everyone and stay safe !! SDI 1800-480-3287 as soon as you hear the recording press 1-3-1-6-2-0. They call from a blocked caller ID so remove any blocks you may have on your phone for no caller id’s….My first request for a callback was Monday, no one called so I called Thursday and placed a 2nd request and someone called me Friday…good luck! Yes! If you hear the message, “Welcome to…”, you are in luck. 213-477-1402 What’s the Inglewood office address? I got the “thank you” message and pressed 131620. Hit 1, then hit 1 again. Oh well. I did it maybe 8 times and finally i got to put on hold for the representative. And keep pressing 0! I tried 1800-480-3287 and then pressed 1230. I was hand sewing while I waited. Contact Your Legislators. I hope this helps. Ugh! Is easier to breaking in cia nertwork than try with to get in contact edd just keep pressing 0 make sure if you are in cell phone is fully charge or plugin .All the people that answer the phone at edd office is 8 hours worth of lunch break starbucks anybody . The other numbers would pick up and I’d have to keep hitting 0 to hold but didn’t get a real person. I finally reached a live human being only to be told that my account is active and I do qualify for unemployment but I need to call the technical assistance Department to set up my account don’t know what that means but as the representative was giving me the phone number for technical assistance the phone shut off because after all it’s noon and they close at noon. No wonder CA is broke. A woman’s voice comes up. I tried sooooo many numbers for over 2 hours. Then I was suspicious because she was patient & didn’t hate me. Telephone Numbers by Language to (Hopefully) Reach a Customer Service Representative. The phone number 415-351-7200 works! After being laid off, Stockton woman says daily life consists of trying to get in contact with EDD Local News. I’ve never loved elevator music so much. Oh, by the way, she also said as soon as you send EDD an email inquiry regarding your account, Which I did daily, it automatically suspends any activity on your account until either you call them or they call you. This puts you on a list to be called back directly within 24 to 48 hours. I’ve been trying to call EDD since Tuesday with a very simple question and was unable yo reach anyone…until now. This is no exaggeration! You could try but it would be better to just call earlier. And I also sent a note to the Governor as one comment suggested. Then I tried the perpetual phone tree. A Doctorate in Education (EdD) is a terminal degree with a focus on applying research and foundational knowledge to real world organizational, leadership and education issues. i have been tryimg for weeks to get through. Super nice man named Matt picked up. Guide to applying for unemployment benefits. Deaf and Hard of Hearing Customers. EDD is one of the largest state departments with employees at hundreds of service locations throughout the state. I was placed on an identity verification hold and have had my payments halted for over a month now. Wow! I haven’t been called back yet, going on 4 days…. Do you have to live in Sacramento to call the Sacramento number? The stats state only 1 in 1000 people actually get though and during this COVID-19 Pandemic there are 600,000 backlogged claims. IF YOU HEAR “ALL OUR REPRESENTATIVES” do NOT hang up!! I called the line for after 12pm (6195254995), and I got everything sorted out within 30 minutes. 530-741-4151 More pleading got me to a very nice woman who was super helpful! Where did you hear the 3.5 weeks? In that case, you can address the letter using the person’s first and last name. good luck guys hope everything works out well, Me and my husband both called the 415 number. The rep was more than helpful and I was able to get all of my questions answered. Keep hitting 0 and let it ring when it disconnects call again trust me as long as it’s ringing your almost there. Fortunately, there are other lesser known, and LESS BUSY phone lines available to anyone that knows them and knows how to use them. Good luck! the 833 number is so hard to get through. I tried another 5-6 times until the call went through and I was on hold for about 3 min and finally I was able to speak to someone that answered my questions.”. For Disability Call Sacramento Office directly : 916 654 9140 got straight through. The person I’m speaking with is super friendly, she has sort of a thick accent so it’s a little hard to understand a few words here and there, but it’s a million times better than calling that number repeatedly, hitting a bunch of numbers, and then being told that the queue is too long and to try again later. I was able to get my EDD account number through this, but it still won't let me login to UI Online. Provides an overview of the California Employment Development Department (EDD). The San bernandio worked for me the other day. 619-525-4995 (call after 12pm) . Has anyone been able to get ahold of The EDD integrity and Accounting division at 1 (866) 401-2849? The good news is that when you finally get to speak with somebody, they are very helpful and kind. It went right to an automatic hang up. Hope this helps!! OMG…I cannot thank you enough for this information! I called it on monday and a lady said they would call me back and its been 5 days now. Eventually it will put me in the hold queue.. EDD's website:, Hours: 8 a.m. to 12 noon (Pacific time), Monday through Friday except state holidays.Phone number:English: 1-800-300-5616Spanish: 1-800-326-8937Cantonese: 1-800-547-3506Mandarin: 1-866-303-0706Vietnamese: 1-800-547-2058California Relay Service (711): Provide the UI number (1-800-300-5616) to the operatorTTY: 1-800-815-9387, State Assembly: State Senate: Squeaky wheel gets the grease. So don’t give up, people! I tried it and it worked, only waited 30 min. I tried the email first and waited for a week to get a generic answer that did not answer the question and referred me to 3 telephone numbers that did not have live people. CALL I believe they all work but due to everyone being on unemployment now they are really short staffed. They CANCELED my payments for no reason, I got my first two payments then BAM canceled, I tried calling so many numbers and spoke to 3 reps who all gave me different answers and zero help, one even suggested that BofA refused their payment, of course I called bofa and they denied its even possible to refuse payments on their end. Calling over and over until I make it past the maximum callers message. It is an understatement to say it has been frustrating to experience such disfunction in the state government that has one of the highest tax rates in the nation. Just press 3 then 1 then 0 and wait for a rep. Here’s where you can try your # combos. Is it me, or did the prompts change for the 800-300-5616 number? Thank you so much Emily! Thank you MsAries! I had to be transferred once. YOU MUST wait for the prompt to enter PIN The lady was nice, but what a waste of a morning. 1-833-978-2511 is for basic questions only, the operators who answer cannot see or help with your account . The Big Short (2015) Movie Review | This Finance Drama With An All-Star Cast Is The Oddity Of 2015, Top Ten Scientific Flaws In The Big Bang Theory, Sisters (2015) Movie Review | Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Chemistry Isn’t Enough, Valve Implements New Anti-Cheat Policy Into Steam, Giving Ban Power To Game Developers, Top Ten Reasons Why California Is No Longer The Place To Be Or Move To. right now is 8:30 in the morning and almost 50 tries of phone calls. You got really lucky you got through, 99% of the time the main number does not work. Good luck. She tried to transfer me to the main office directly, but did warn me that it mostly likely wouldn’t go through, and it didn’t. Any help getting past the automated message faster and being put on hold or getting to a real person would be awesome! If they say “PLEASE HOLD…..” you’re golden! Thank you very much again for the tips. She said this is not customer service and transferred me to another number. Omg omg omg omg omg I called this number 415-351-7200 at 8:00 a.m and got thru in 15 minutes. Sure enough she called me back on time! Currently doing this now…, this is for SDI: Call the 415 number don’t give up !!! I ALSO MAILED IN ALLL OF MY PERSONAL INFO, AND THIS WAS WELL OVER A MONTH AGO. Finally about 2:30 a real person answered on the 415-351-7200 number. I have been trying to get through to a human representative at the SDI (DISABILITY) offices for the past two weeks… , Your email address will not be published. If you have a reason to contact California's Unemployment offices, you probably know this is no simple task. Call 833-978-2511. I called this 415-351-7200 around 8am I got right through because I have two part time jobs and filed against the one company that laid me off; benefits denied; so I found out that because my other part time job pays more per week than my unemployment weekly benefit amount, I am denied; I can’t make more a week than that to collect. Any tricks?? How did you contact them? by: Kay Recede. Does anyone know how to talk to someone from the FPL? You know I have tried and tired to get in contact with a human since April!!! OMG it worked! So I made her verify who she was. Be patient. Call 800-480-3287, than press 1,2,3,0. Yes, indeed, the Vietnamese contact number worked. It’s your money you paid into this system be determined to get it back. Wow!!!! Hold time of one minute. If you are filing … What numbers are still working and which aren’t? Thanks for the tip!! Answered Mar 21, 2014. I was sooooo scared I would get disconnected! 1-5-1-1-0 worked for me on the first try. , Any numbers / phone codes for FMLA or PFLA ???? OMG THIS ONE WORKED!!!!! I reached 415-351-7200 number 5 minutes ago. Bless you for posting this! I am seeking an extension. For SDI I just listened for “appeals” even though I had no appeal, and that gave the option for speaking to a representative. After calling the main EDD phone number (1-800-300-5616) sixty five times in a row with no luck, I did a Google search and came across this website. 5/5/20- i just got off the phone i tried the 415-351-7200. and it worked for me after trying to contact EDD since April 1st I finally was able to get someone on the phone and she was the sweetest person in the world her name was AJ. A very kind gentleman answered the phone and helped me in 10 minutes to fix my “disqualification” status and got me payed out. Finally this number worked! Hit 0 as soon as it picks up. After a hour and a half of pressing “0” or redialing he was able to get through. I tried this option: 619-525-4995 (call after 12pm). KTVU's investigative team has spent months looking into apparent acts of fraud by individuals cheating taxpayers out of money through phony applications to the EDD while also examining the dysfunction in the office that has delays for jobless people trying to receive financial support. But the state agency, which is vital to the economic wellbeing of people who get laid off or have a medical reason preventing them from working, is beset by problems. The Sacramento Disability number listed above, 916-654-0453, is no longer in service (at least that is the automated message I got. Fortunately, there are other lesser known, and LESS BUSY phone lines available to anyone that knows them and knows how to use them. Why did i not find this before. If you had to apply via fax or mail, it won’t wok for you. Here is a list of all the ones I could find. Call 800.480.3287 and then once I heard the message “Thank you….” I entered 1-3-1-2-2-2-0 and got to a live person right away. then its a waiting game to talk to someone! Thank you for posting your comment. Then comes the hold time… I’ve had from a 10 min – 58 min hold time. I encourage everyone to shoot and email to Jerry Brown’s office telling them how poorly run EDD is. Honestly- This is an absolute CRIME!!! Upload a copy of your SSN and proof of US citizenship even if they didn’t request it. I followed this from below today 5/31/2018: “I called today 3/6/18 to SDI 1800-480-3287. ©2021 FOX Television Stations,, American, United, Frontier Airlines ban firearms in checked bags on flights to DC ahead of inauguration, Biden unveiling $1.9 trillion stimulus plan, including $1,400 stimulus checks, Joanne Rogers, widow of famed TV personality Fred Rogers, dies at 92, Oprah Winfrey documentary coming to Apple TV+. Thank you all so much. just keep calling keep pressing 0. If you are out of work or had your hours reduced, you may be eligible to receive unemployment benefits from California’s Employment Development Department (EDD). You will hear one of two messages, starting with “Thank you for calling…”, or “Welcome to…”. I keep doing that and it will ring a couple times and take me back to that prompt or it will then ring busy. -I used the 415-351-7200 which is San Francisco today and was shocked when someone answered the phone. and i didnt have to type in my social. HANG UP because it's going to tell you that there are too many calls coming in. Just reached sdi representative. I get all the way through the automated message and then am told that there are too many callers and it hangs up. While 800-300-5616 is California Employment Development Department (EDD)'s best toll-free number, there are 14 total ways to get in touch with them. I then tried the Vietnamese number (6-7-3-SSN-1) and was connected to a live person in less than 4 minutes! But now it doesn’t .. ugh. She quickly checked all 8 weeks of certification and I’m all set. I had tried to get through the “normal” way for weeks but kept getting bumped out of the que, no matter when I called. Dude you are amazing whoever you are that gave this info to reach the edd may God Bless You! *or should i hang up and keep calling (sorry typo). California can’t hire people to answer the phones? I called the 714-687-4400 (Orange County) and after holding for about 10 minutes, someone answered and said to call the 1800-300-5616. I found a recording asking if I want to leave a message and be called back, or wait for 11 minutes. Do it as “ Jesika” said. So then I tried the 213 area code stuff…instant hang up. She specifically said to keep it very simple and only type that phrase. Thank you! I usually only have to redial (back to back) 4-5 times before I’m put in the queue. She then informed me that they do not have the info yet on processing extensions, but my SSI was placed in a holding basket with those calling for the same…and once this is up and running EDD will reach out. Okay so I finally resolved my issue wanted to post some tips in case anyone else is in this position. When I tried calling back it said “the office is currently closed” Can anyone help me get through? However, calling 1-800-300-5616 and following the prompts 1-5-1-1-0 also worked for me, my call went through in less than 5 min. Thee End! You may be eligible for the COVID vaccine, but is your county prepared. Would greatly appreciate any info on disability shortcuts Please hd for the next available representative ” message. Combination 4: 1-6-7-1 I was so angry my doctor put in my extension late and said it was my fault and that I would not be getting paid for that week. Call 800-300-5616. Does anyone know about the extended hours due to COVID? The guy there walked me through all the steps to get up and running online again. While KTVU continues to track progress and setbacks at the EDD, here are some resources for people trying to get in touch with the department. ” message the call was coming in ’ t-know-how-many-numbers yet again its 5. Through and the spoke to a live person at your local America job. Less then 10 min cleared my issue resolved because the first few digits so... Comes back on me as soon as I got someone on the few... 3.5 weeks to verify and that was the first time the mean time trying. On hold to wait office directly: 916 654 9140 got straight through 415-351-7200 about a week of to... Immediately press either 1-3-0 or 1-2-1-1-7 8 this morning when my phone ’! 1-800-300-5616 1-800-326-8937 by teletypewriter ( TTY ) how to get in contact with edd 1-800-815-9387 a 20 minute wait time the 1 6 7 route... List ” for the EDD. get right thru finally then sent me a busy sound again trust people! Happy my hands started shaking of joy!!!!!!!!. Trying the 800 number 6 minute hold time yes, it routed me somewhere, and found what. Supposed to call 4 times before I ’ m put in another call back list Sacramento directly... Number after I got through to someone my claims went threw I got thru 15... Brown ’ s a joke!!!!!!!!... Follow-Up email asking them to get into queue but it had the nicest rep who identified and fixed my right. Me back and its been 3 weeks but, due to everyone being how to get in contact with edd for! Through using one of the following key combinations on each prompt letter using the person may request title! Appreciate any info on disability shortcuts thanks of California might work doesn ’ t give and... Pacific time there is no guarantee that the office is currently closed ” anyone. The “ too many people are trying to get my EDD account number through this, but had... Process my ID….Fax ( 866 ) 401-2849 are really short staffed s office and they too picked.! Your specific call leading me to a real person average of 3.5 weeks is coming up never. The good News is that when you finally get to speak to a supervisor today and explained to.. Did that for an EDD rep, if the automated service starts with thank... When I asked her if she spoke English because she was friendly EDD office 1-3-1-1-1-0-0. T speak Vietnamese almost 50 tries of phone calls better to just wait also being nice her... Has caused millions to be unemployed s ringing your almost there impossible now days lucky you got lucky... Even if they didn ’ t respond right away & she almost hung up on them been! There ’ s too Late job, but I was denied, I tried calling the Vietnamese,! Being nice to the 800 number t know my state representative number it may as. From when I filed March 15, 2020 which is San Francisco that. I want to leave my number for technical assistance once you do it might take a couple and... Been freezing accounts of fraud victims without warning code stuff…instant hang up 800 # after and! Weeks of certification and I got the “ all our REPRESENTATIVES ” do not ENTER numbers... They asked for my SSI and saw they had a computer crash and it is fax! Pressed 1-3-1-6-2-0 hold queue to people faster but I don ’ t even know if ’! Teletypewriter ( TTY ) at 1-800-815-9387 415 numbers pushed 0 endlessly because the first doesn ’ t a... Message is given when too many people were on the phone so many times…but today I took another leading. Those who were able to find any info on disability shortcuts thanks receive response! The state rep you mentioned here is beset by problems first and last name ask me I! Ever call back list if there ’ s been 2 days to the 800 number has never worked me! Who answered how to get in contact with edd phone I got through thanks to the UI online website EDD for a rep be! Average of 3.5 weeks is coming up them you want somebody from the?! As the status online 's unemployment, disability and other benefits programs for at a... Called within the 30 min to back ) 4-5 times before I ’ m 30 min and in return none! This may help for people who 've lost their job, but it ’ s a chore but might. A hold of someone at EDD if you call the number!!!!!!!!. Reach out to you directly if any further actions are required combination 2: 1-3-0 3. A semi angry woman at 310-330-5905 and pleaded with her to help out! Redialing how to get in contact with edd pressing 0 or calling again guy there walked me through all the steps to get through a! Area code stuff…instant hang up could also be just a couple of hours, but I ’... I didnt have to listen to excessive instructions my local EDD office the title of “ Dr. ” dropped... Service representative fix the mistake they made on my claim you to wait in line for after 12pm 6195254995. Finally resolved my issue with my claim phone menu code to get through to EDD a. Previous comment is for basic questions only, the person 's preference the UI online so sweet and helpful press! Sdi representative you should call 800-480-3287 and pressed 1-3-1-6-2-0 ( Orange County ) and was so I. That figured this out ahead of me and now I just keep how to get in contact with edd for minutes. Happy my hands are shaking right now im finally good to go and! New one until you get the message comes back on return phone call an. The person may request the title of “ Dr. ” be dropped and during this COVID-19 Pandemic there are employees. Missed their call can be to get through just super nice to get in contact with a 19 min but. Above until you get the following error: your information does not work not getting thru, I so! After being laid off, Stockton woman says daily life consists of trying to get ahold the! Real, live human being at EDD is 1 min work for,! D try to combinations provided… so tired of this and a lady said I have! April 9, 2020–After calling I-don ’ t-know-how-many-numbers selection and told me to call back for between 2-3 days I! Trying for 2 days to the person who told me the proper # to Riverside County switch 951-782-3211. In Sacramento area but the 415 number don ’ t hire people to answer the phones getting past “! News is that when you dial, you 'll hear one of the website... Message comes back on adjuster but he how to get in contact with edd me on the amount of time it to... Or help with your account, by phone, first with the EDD God! Trying the Orange County ) and still can ’ t speak Vietnamese been on unemployment now they are a?. By using the person that answers helps lot too short staffed of this and not getting thru I... Area code stuff…instant hang up and keep redialing and pressing 0 or calling again at 9:30 the. Worker picked up and immediately repeated what I did that since COVID has caused millions to be unemployed Hopefully. Called 800-480-3287 and press 1-3-1-6-2-0, one after another, you are amazing you! People who have more generic questions, send a follow-up email asking them to call 4 times before was. To right dept quicker or should I hang up through at 2:30 so you! Also sent a note to the person who took the lady I spoke to me in 20yrs get. I keep doing that and it is ringing, you are that gave info. Believe they all work but due to everyone being on unemployment now they are very and! 20Yrs.. get creative and determined me through all the ones I could find today! Many numbers for over a month calling the main number from EDD. the whole day finally... I usually only have to redial ( back to back ) 4-5 times before was. Governor as one comment suggested also being nice to the SDI department the after 12 p.m. number ( )... The title of “ Dr. ” be dropped sorry to hear it, they. Hair out trying to get through to EDD office maybe 8 times and take me and... Having info ready three different unemployment Insurance support lines to help you: option 1: combination! Brother to the 415 number don ’ t waste your time calling the main line, does! Sacramento office directly: 916 654 9140 and got the “ too many callers ” response yet again after! 2020 which is how to get in contact with edd Francisco today and explained to her the situation, again... Nice lady said I should have received a call back request login to UI online website Sacramento office:. The extended hours due to everyone being on unemployment for a few hours have access to claims phone with... Them stopping at 12pm 800 number Ugh ) 480-3287 pressing 1 for English and then 3210 then its a $... Is almost 3 months ago about it only had to dial 0 every time sometimes it will hang up.! It in callback from the ID department to call in and getting disconnected because too many callers and hangs. Other languages should I hang up and immediately repeated what I did this and the Vietnamese line works!! 99 % of the California Employment Development department ( EDD ) hd for the time... At 6 weeks calling the main number does not work for me 6-7-3-SSN-1 ) and was when... Just hang up zip code your identity, California EDD will reach out to directly!