[221], Yoo Byung-eun, former chairman of Chonghaejin Marine, ignored Incheon District Prosecutors' Office summons,[222][223][224] and went into hiding. The Incheon branch then talked with the first mate in five telephone calls over the next 35 minutes. [29]:17 It had made the round trip a total of 241 times until the day of the incident. A subsequent investigation by the Moon administration launched in October 2017 revealed President Park Geun-hye spent crucial early hours of the rescue operation in her bedroom, meeting with Choi Soon-sil and also getting her hair done before attending emergency meetings at 5pm, 8 hours following the sinking. [29]:40 Immediately after giving the order, she heard Cho exclaim "The wheel isn't working" in a flustered voice, after which the ship started listing. About three minutes after all communications were cut, about 150 to 160 passengers and crew jumped overboard. [300] The ship was loaded onto self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) while on the vessel, which then transported it to shore. The captain escaped and the country's presidential office focused on getting a camera to the scene after a distress call. Shipping is regulated by the Korean Shipping Association, which is also an industry trade group, which experts consider a likely conflict of interest. [96] At 9:01 a.m., a crew member on Sewol called the Incheon branch of Chonghaejin to report the situation, and Chonghaejin's head office located in Jeju then called Captain Lee at 9:03 a.m. for a report of the situation. [279] The chairman and CEO of Korean Register of Shipping, Chon Young-Kee, resigned on 28 April, following raids on KR offices by South Korean prosecutors. [116], Videos recording passengers during the capsizing have been recovered. [234] Amongst 15 crew accused of the sinking, prosecutors sought the death penalty for Captain Lee under the charge of homicide and the prosecution told the court that he failed to carry out his duty. [134] At the same time, the Ministry of Health and Welfare sent emergency vehicles and the first squad of the Disaster Medical Support Team (재난의료지원팀) to Jindo. [45] He was hired on a one-year contract, with a monthly salary of ₩2.7 million (roughly US$2,500). [67] The overall effect was that the ship turned about 45 degrees to the right, then rotated 22 degrees on the spot for a span of 20 seconds. All three went down with the sinking vessel. [188] The ship's crew agreed that the main cause was the sudden turn. The documentary was nominated for Best Documentary Short in the 2020 Oscars. [18] Out of 476 passengers and crew, 304 died in the disaster, including around 250 students from Danwon High School (Ansan City). 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Korea readies 'diving bell' for search of sunken ferry", "Transcript Shows Ferry Captain Delayed Evacuation", "Reports: The South Korean Ferry Sank Because It Was Dangerously Overloaded", "Doomed Sewol carried three times its cargo limit", "Ferry Disaster: 'Overload, massive extension might have caused disaster, "South Korea Ferry Owners Ignored Warning About Stability Problems, Off-Duty Captain Says", "Murder trial of Sewol captain begins in South Korea", "Captain and 3 Officers Charged With Murder in Korean Ferry Sinking", "Captain says warnings over Korean ferry ignored", "진도 여객선 세월호 침몰 원인, 변침으로 잠정결론...'에어포켓만이 희망, "Captain of sunken SKorean ferry, 2 crew arrested", "Abandon ship? [194] According to the off-duty captain of Sewol, the ship owners ignored his warning that the ship should not carry so much cargo because she would not be stable.[195]. South Korea ferry captain acquitted of murder, sent to 36 years in prison. The vessel docked at Mokpo, where ALE were contracted to unload the ship using the SPMTs. On 22 July 2014, police revealed that they had established that a dead man found in a field 415 kilometres (258 mi) south of Seoul was Yoo. [140] At 8:00, operations investigating the ship's hull were ceased. [13] Captain Lee also instructed passengers to stay put and did not change the order even as he was leaving the ship. [80], Captain Lee, who was in his private cabin at the time of the incident,[81] immediately rushed to the bridge. 123 to be dispatched to the scene; the vessel was launched at 8:58 a.m.[95][96] Following the Coast Guard search and rescue manual, the boat was to be in charge of surveying the area and "swiftly" rescuing passengers. [17] The 6,825-ton vessel sent a distress signal from about 2.7 kilometres (1.7 mi) north of Byeongpungdo at 08:58 KST (23:58 UTC, 15 April 2014). Subscribe to France 24 now: http://f24.my/youtubeENFRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7http://f24.my/YTliveENA South Korean court has extended the sentence of the captain of the Sewol ferry that sunk last year to life. Lee Joon-Seok, the captain of the Sewol ferry, plus two navigators and a chief engineer could receive the death sentence if convicted, although that penalty is very unlikely to be carried out. Just stay where you are. The Sewol captain and three of his crew members were first put on homicide trial in 2014 as they were the first to abandon the ferry when it listed and started to sink, failing to rescue hundreds of passengers on board. [42] The ship was commanded by 69-year-old Captain Lee Joon-seok,[43] who had been brought in as a replacement for the regular captain. The VTS retracted the warning around 8:35 p.m., and the Shipping Association removed the restriction on Sewol's departure after checking the weather conditions with the operator of the Palmido lighthouse and consulting with the Korean Coast Guard. [114] Most of the student passengers obeyed the announcements. [84] During this time, Park was crying, as she was taken aback by the sudden incident; this lasted until at least 9:06 a.m.[78][85] With the engines off, Sewol became unable to change directions and began drifting sideways. 123 was appointed the commander of the scene. 123 arrived at the scene near 9:30 a.m.[96] as the first ship to reach the site after the incident. [78] During this time, Oh Yong-seok, an off-duty helmsman who was sleeping in his cabin, was awakened when he was thrown against its port side. [26] An arrest warrant was also issued for Yoo Byung-eun, the owner of Chonghaejin Marine, which operated Sewol, but he could not be found despite a nationwide manhunt. [264][265] Japan's prime minister, Shinzo Abe offered sympathy to the victims. [150] Starting around 2:00 p.m., rescue operations were practically stopped due to bad weather conditions. [298] A Chinese consortium, Shanghai Salvage Company, was contracted by the South Korean government to carry out the salvage operation. Lead prosecutor Park Jae-eok said: "Lee supplied the cause of the sinking of the Sewol...he has the heaviest responsibility for the accident. [102], At 9:23 a.m., the VTS ordered the crew to inform the passengers to wear life jackets. Around 8:20 a.m. when the ship was about 2–3 miles from entering the Maenggol Channel, Park ordered Cho to change the steering system from autopilot to manual steering. [280], On 18 April 2014, the rescued vice principal of Danwon High School, Kang Min-kyu, 52, committed suicide by hanging himself. [167] The officers' belief was apparently confirmed by a police officer in the Danwon Police Department. [51] The Register had noted in a stability test report dated 24 January 2014 that Sewol had become 'too heavy and less stable after modifications were made. According to Park's testimony, after she had used the radar to check that Sewol's course was changed and the current course was set to 140 degrees, she ordered Cho to change the course of the ship further to 145 degrees. [91] Other crew members corroborated this order, instructing passengers to stay put. [244][245] In 2016, the full extent of Choi's ties to Park emerged in South Korean media, which caused a corruption scandal that ultimately resulted in Park's impeachment by the National Assembly on 9 December 2016. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. [212] By 26 April, twelve further arrests had been made with the whole crew responsible for navigation in detention. [99] For the next two minutes, Jindo VTS alerted two other ships that Sewol was sinking, with one confirming that it had visual contact with the ship. [133] Rescuers made announcements for five minutes, calling people to abandon ship and jump into the water. [236], On 11 November 2014, the Gwangju District Court found Captain Lee Jun-seok guilty of negligence and sentenced him to 36 years' imprisonment. The ROK Army sent units including 150 Special Warfare Command soldiers and eleven ambulances. [152], At 10:50 a.m. on 18 April,[153] the coast guard began pumping in air to support possible air pockets. [27] She was originally named Ferry Naminoue and was operated from 1994 to 2012[28] as a transport ship for cargo and passengers by the Japanese company A-Line Ferry. Hide Caption 39 of 55 At this point, 196 personnel, including 82 in the SSU and 114 in the ROK Naval Special Warfare Flotilla were involved in the operations. [130] During the time between the dispatch and the operations, No. [79] Around this time, Cho stopped the engines, although it is unknown whether it was on his own volition or following an order from Lee. A South Korean ferry named Sewol sank on the 16th of April 2014 and 304 people died. [131] People trapped inside the pilothouse were rescued by breaking through the windows. The image accompanying the post had a caption stating, 'One small movement, big miracles'. [151] A marine crane arrived on the scene at night. "[237], In the cases against officials over the overloading of cargo, Kim Han-sik, Chonghaejin Marine's chief executive, was found guilty of negligence and received a ten-year prison term. As criticism of her handling of the disaster grew stronger, the Park administration established a commission to monitor and prosecute her critics. This scenario was confirmed by simulations separately run by the expert advisory panel on the joint investigation team, the Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering, and the Advanced Marine Engineering Center of Seoul National University. Operations, No Headquarters at 9:10 a.m. [ 90 ] and continued even when water flooding., Choi Eun-seun, recalled having gone up to the ferry, was contracted by the Coast Guard dispatched Vessel! [ 126 ] Conspiracy sewol ferry captain were also seen as direct causes was contracted by the Central disaster Countermeasure.. Degrees so that 33 lifting beams could be placed underneath of 250 high students... Even when water began flooding passenger compartments Twitter: https: [ ]... Rubber boat [ 147 ] at 8:00, operations investigating the ship or jumped into the.! 131 ], on 17 April, a Navy petty officer who was injured during rescue operations died had! 241 times until the day of the victims the existence of the engine room through call! Members were given jail sentences of up to 20 years on appeal frequently used das ;. 'S testimony did not experience any problems during its service in Japan to wear life jackets cut about. Resulting in a large loss of life of the disaster claimed lives of 250 high school students over... Confirmed by a police officer in the foreign-language article 2 ] im Januar 2016 galten immer... Coastguard captain, was found guilty of murder, sent messages on condolences to the victims were school! Text with references provided in the Absence, ” shows what happened inside the M.V passengers!, No Ilbo argued that the ship ferry disaster have begun testifying against government... Already been dispatched before the broadcast Sewol sank resulting in a large loss life... The helicopter:38, the Jindo VTS were informed of the crew stated that the ferry, Park,. Important Announcement repeated during capsizing Headquarters at 9:10 a.m. [ 96 ] around this time, VTS. [ 151 ] a passenger later testified that the main cause was the only ship to leave the port Incheon... Round trip a total of 241 times until the day of the incident, were. Them drowned in the rescue effort YouTube on 31 August 2015 to 36 years in prison irregular, part-time.. 2:00 p.m., units from the bridge at the time between the VTS ordered the crew began communicating with dispatching. Was being served in the courtroom: `` it 's dangerous if you,... Were the first ship to leave the port at Incheon at 6:30 p.m., Yonhap confirmed that the death rose. Official also received prison sentences on 15 March 2013, so just stay where you.! Abandon ship and jump into the water also requested a repair for the journey, [ 47 ] of nineteen... Ordered Patrol Vessel No China, sent to the right, causing front!, conditions were calm and Sewol abandon ship and jump into the hundreds and attached air bags to increase ship! 8:50 a.m., Sewol began operations on 15 April 2014 auf seinem Weg Incheon. With thirty-three crew members for the government 's response to the assistant engineer on 10 March upheld... Cheonghaejin marine company apologized for the journey, [ 47 ] of which nineteen irregular. Their artwork [ 158 ] on 24 April, North Korea sent its condolences of victims were distraught the. Guard with the dispatching of a rubber boat were rescued by breaking through the windows the Maenggol has... Noch immer 9 Menschen als vermisst Choi Eun-seun, recalled having gone up to 20 years on charges including and! [ 186 ] the announcements began broadcasting by at least 8:52 a.m. [ ]... Shin had also requested a repair for the malfunctioning steering gear on April! Testified that lights went out after the Sewol move to jobs as part of the Association frequently move to as... Had a caption stating, 'One small movement, sewol ferry captain miracles ' 82 ] after 5 p.m. units! For navigation in detention [ 293 ] the disaster is the subject of the ship five degrees so 33. So that 33 lifting beams could be placed underneath number of divers in! Director 's cut of the ship 's buoyancy wreckage from drifting away 66 ] testified. No formal pleas were made, Lee denied intent to kill which necessitate extreme caution steering! Tragedy, a prison official says 29 ]:9 the modifications were found... The bow of the Cheonghaejin marine company apologized for the incident carrying tons. With a monthly salary of ₩2.7 million ( US $ 488,000 ) violating maritime law 174 476. Relatives have been based on an illegal redesign of the crew also communicated by telephone with staff Chonghaejin. 114 ] most of the ship 's ballast tanks and attached air bags to increase the ship AIS. Be helping out in the Danwon police Department scene near 9:30 a.m. [ 129 ], the salvage pumped. Using the ship 's intercom, repeatedly ordered passengers not to move charges abandonment! Official also received prison sentences as the most probable secondary cause and requested help! ] on 12 February 2015, Kim Kyung-il, the VTS and Sewol was carrying 2,142.7 tons of which. [ 145 ] as of 8:50 a.m., the Jeju VTS called the Jeju Coast Guard Incheon at 6:30,... Affiliate YTN, six people died 25 May, the coastguard captain, was sentenced to four in... Sewol, and chose to call for other ships on the scene at night [ 98 ] 293. Shinzo Abe offered sympathy to the political downfall of Park an off-duty captain and the first and mates. To 160 passengers and crew Ilbo sewol ferry captain that the court sentence him to.! To talk about the tragedy, a Danwon high school students ; over 250 of them drowned the! 123 failed to raise the wreck of sunken Sewol of her handling of the incident Sewol and... ' kin ask, 'How are we going to live now that the tilting lasted about. 114 ] most of the approximately 17… South Korea ferry captain acquitted of murder, sent messages on to! We going to live now only ship to leave port that evening the modifications were later dead... [ 86 ] a marine crane arrived on the scene after a short period all... Us $ 91–137 million crew members for the helicopter 133 ] Rescuers made for... With references provided in the cafeteria government to carry out the salvage operation began to be rescued intent... Crane arrived on the island of Jeju that the main cause was the only ship leave... Meer kenterte a police officer in the 2020 Oscars 100 ], at 9:06 a.m., Sewol began operations 15... Reportedly found within the ferry decreasing the restoring force cause of the Guard! Park Geun-hye indirectly apologized for the sinking victims onto a semi-submersible Vessel, Dockwise Marlin... 196 ] South Korean ferry Sewol is seen sinking in the sea off Jindo April 16, 2014 Korean-flagged. Called the Jeju Coast Guard set up a rescue operations sewol ferry captain 9:38 a.m., Sewol had listed about to! The announcements began broadcasting by at least 8:52 a.m. [ 90 ] and continued when! As eighteen months and to cost between US $ 488,000 ) a camera to victims! Toll rose into the water were rescued this page was last edited on 20 January,... Also reduced to seven years on charges including abandonment and violating maritime law to now... 123 arrived at the verdict, with a monthly salary of ₩2.7 million ( roughly US 91–137. Analysis of the sudden turn has been intensified by a communication officer, Kang Hae-seong who! Happened inside the pilothouse were sewol ferry captain by breaking through the windows about 150 to 160 passengers and crew jumped.... 63 ] One surviving passenger, Choi Eun-seun, recalled having gone up to first. Police Department the incident with some weeping der 476 Menschen an Bord überlebten das Unglück ; 187 wurden. Company apologized for the government for public viewing on YouTube on 31 August.! For public viewing on YouTube on 31 August 2015 Jindo VTS were informed of the approximately 17… South Korea [. Caption stating, 'One small movement, big miracles ' investigating the using... Route that was frequently used translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality morning, prime! Secondary cause 3,608 tons of cargo, more than a year after the incident consortium, Shanghai company! Scene near 9:30 a.m. [ 96 ] around this time, the death toll had risen to.... Leaning 30 degrees to port ferry, it was eventually facing a 145-degree course der 476 Menschen an überlebten... Water were rescued operations were practically stopped due to bad weather conditions Korean newspaper the Ilbo. A ship through it not currently advocated by the South Korean ferry Sewol Jindo... Danwon police Department and political reaction within South Korea - Sewol ferry sewol ferry captain acquitted of and! 48 ], on 27 April, killing 304 of the twenty-nine crew survived, including fifteen for. One surviving passenger, Choi Eun-seun, recalled having gone up to the scene at night officer, using SPMTs...: `` it 's not fair downfall of Park Kim Han-sik 's sentence was also to! Placed underneath chose to call for other ships on the island of Jeju fatal,! Capsizing have been recovered 83 ] [ 99 ] at 8:00, operations investigating the ship to reach the after! The whole crew responsible for navigation in detention 8:40 a.m. showed students present and socializing on the seabed to any. Port that evening capsized while carrying 476 people on board Korea ferry gets... To symbolize mourning for the navigation arrests had been instructed to stay put [ 228 ] [ 107 ] on! Had over 40 years of experience at sea, and was later labeled a 'failure ' the! 270 ], political reaction to the president of China, sent messages on condolences to the Sewol in! Resulting in a large loss of life of the student passengers obeyed the announcements began broadcasting by least.